Let’s get one thing straight right now. Without paid campaigns, your social media posts are invisible to your target consumer. Long gone are the days of organic reach. And in the realm social media, Dubai is definitely one of the toughest markets to stand out!

This is because the competition for exposure is very aggressive and you’d be lucky if you reached 5% of your audience as a nonpaying business.

Social media marketing is a strategic approach with a tight plan of quality content, steadily released and significantly promoted to hit the jack pot! Your eminent presence on social media is absolutely vital for your business. From LinkedIn to Instagram, it’s the same process; target your audience, determine a budget and dive straight in.

Your budget does not even need to be humongous. But you do need one, and you do need to pay, however minimally, in order to not be completely eclipsed by your paying competition.

And believe us, your competition is paying.

96% of marketers are paying for marketing on social media in Dubai and all over the world.

The good news is, 85% of them are floundering about hesitantly, not knowing how to operate the space rocket in order to get to their star destination efficiently. Instead, they are lost in space.

‘Which tools?’ ‘How?’ ‘Why this and not that?’ ‘Where are we headed to begin with?’ And ‘Oooh, what does this red button here do?’

All these are questions that arise and for which we at Pulse Digital, your go-to social media service agency in Dubai, have the answers as part of our Social Media Marketing services.

Here are 10 priceless things quality social media marketing does for you:

  1. Cost efficient increased brand awareness.
  2. Increased inbound traffic, higher reach and unlimited exposure to different people on a global level.
  3. Better search engine rankings, getting you higher on top of the result page where most users stay, thereby revolutionizing your traffic.
  4. This increased visibility means higher conversion rates. Yes, you heard that right. Conversion! Conversion from your competitors to your brand.
  5. Happier and more content customers.
  6. And happier customers are loyal customers.
  7. Like the domino effect, one thing leads to the other, and all the above lead to brand authority. Back and forth communication, increased reach and customer base, and increased credibility all ultimately lead to you being the authority on your brand.
  8. It is the most cost-efficient aspect of advertising strategies.
  9. It makes you a consumer’s mind reader. Social media marketing gives you direct feedback on consumer behavior, interests and opinions, thereby gaining priceless marketplace insights that better serve you in your future, keeping you constantly one step ahead.
  10. You attain Thought Leadership status. This is a step further, beyond brand authority, and it gives you unprecedented market power. This is the equivalent of being handed a crown and asked to sit on a throne by your customer base. Because by now, according to them, you rule!

So, are you ready to sit on your throne? Get in touch to discuss your revolutionized future with our digital consultants. We here at Pulse Digital, a pioneering social media service agency in Dubai , are your very own social media experts, and are ready to get the ball rolling!

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