Uber Eats

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Client Uber Eats
Production Date Since July 2018
Services Keywords research, Target audience analysis, Content strategy, Content production, Creative direction, Content Search Engine Optimization, Social media content production for multiple markets

The client:

Uber Eats is a world-renowned online food ordering platform launched by Uber in 2014, and accessible to customers via a website and smartphone/tablet app.

The brief:

Pulse Digital was tasked with pioneering an online Arabic blog presence for the organization, targeting Egypt and Saudi Arabia. In order to create content that was not only of high-quality but also effective in achieving the client’s goals, Pulse Digital undertook activities including a comprehensive analysis of both target markets, examining:

  • Uber Eats partner restaurants
  • User search behaviors and keyword attributes

The results:

From this analysis, we were able to create compelling, targeted and highly optimized blog content for the platform, based around the menu items we determined were most likely to be in demand. In addition, our analysis of customer behaviors enabled us to recommend with high degrees of confidence the most effective images to include with each article to draw customer attention.

Following on from the success of the blogs, Pulse Digital was further tasked with creating a broader range of social media content for multiple markets including Kenya and South Africa.