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11 May 2022

How often should emails be sent to customers?

If you are associated with digital marketing, you must have thought about it at least once while planning your email marketing strategy – How often emails must be sent to potential customers? Undeniably, it’s a tough decision, whether to keep it weekly, monthly, or anytime you feel is right?

Knowing that email marketing is critical to maintaining your sales and relationship with your customers, we at Pulse discuss in the below article how to go about having the right frequency of emails.

Sending emails is not just about reminders, but to stay alive in the lives of your customers. Therefore, we suggest you to first question yourself: Why do you keep reminders on your mobile? At what intervals? Why do you need any reminder to push yourself? Probably, the answer would be – more than once! It’s completely fair to set reminders. However, having the right frequency of reminders can be a delicate balance.

Customers generally don’t respond to emails because they are busy and caught up in their own world. However, there are decent ways to grab a portion of their attention. And that’s possible when you send the right message in the right frequency at the right time. Especially, when it is about generating sales. Below are a few tips:

1. Do not miss out on sales by cutting down the share of emails!

Try and adapt to three major aspects of email marketing: Segment, Simplify and Send

Segment: Enlist your contacts into categories based on their interests.
Simplify: Be simple, sweet and short. Stay focused on one main action.
Send: Send a series of emails to push subscribers to take action.

The above three factors enable you to divide your marketing burden by not relying on one message to do all the heavy lifting. Be more focused on quality and sending the right message to the right audience. Just like all your customers don’t buy the same product, you can’t send the same message to all.

2. Rely on a variety of emails!

The best way to reach a solid conclusion is to put yourself in their shoes. Think about a moment, when you have planned something but got pulled in another direction?

It’s often the same for your customers. Even if they are interested in taking advantages of your products or services, they get hooked up in something more important. And soon your email gets under the pile, mostly unaddressed and unattended.

This is why we recommend sending a series of three emails for a time based promotion.

With time based promotion, we mean to emphasize on the time bound associated with any sale or event campaign.

Your email series would have:

Last Chance

Adapting to this three – steps email series is one of the best ways to reach your customers in three different ways and motivate them to take actions.

Consider a simple example of a three part email series you could push to promote a simple exhibition event:

Start with a nice happening announcement of the exhibition a couple of weeks in advance.
When the exhibition nears up, send a courtesy reminder and
Once the exhibition starts, send them a last chance reminder to act a day or two days before the exhibition ends.

3. Don’t be fooled out of ‘Opens’ and ‘Clicks’ alone!

Once your email campaign ends up, pay close attention to when people make a purchase in relation to the emails you send.

Insights and analytics are the main things to consider and identify your email reach, opens, clicks or purchases. Tie your emails to a transparent business result.

Sometimes, it’s surprising to see that opens and clicks don’t really coincide with sales. For example, your last chance emails may receive lowest open rates but more conversions.

4. Don’t hesitate to hustle and feel free to send emails to your customers

You may feel awkward while planning your email campaign but think of the results you want to achieve. If you don’t want to bug people, send them a purpose to engage them. Remember, people crave for good and informative content therefore, reach out and educate them through your email campaigns.

5. Yes, you need to send more email than you think.

Sending more emails does not guarantee sales! Just like you put reminders to push yourself, there is nothing wrong in reminding your customers to act.

However, a good email always has an ‘unsubscribe’ option to help customers stop receiving emails. This is to have with respect for people’s privacy and their right to opt out of your communication.

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How often should emails be sent to customers?