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8 February 2022

5+ Most Effective Online Lead Generation Ideas!

The Global Digital Overview 2017 report indicates that more than half of the world’s population uses internet for global connectivity! The market is exceptionally large and the opportunity is unimaginably larger.

Tamer Radwan, Managing Director at pulse explains how capturing merely a fraction of this incredibly huge market could amplify customer base which could lead to sizable profits for your brand, products or services.

Now the question is, how can you get into this large portion of the untapped global market?
The answer is simple – “Online Lead Generation”, yet tougher on realistic grounds but not impossible. It requires deep insights and data analytical skills on how customers behave and end up their online journey and that’s where an action is required. The potential is great and the results are accurate if practiced, implemented and monitored vigilantly.

Cold sales calling and elaborate sales team efforts are gradually ebbing away into the past. This new age demands perfection and businesses today must enter this bountiful market through effective digital marketing strategies and tools that are particularly designed for maximized lead generation results.

In this blog, Tamer shares his vast digital marketing experience and takes you into the journey of exploring lead generation ideas for b2b that are tested and proven for delivering results.The ideas are intended to guide you through your strategy of increasing sales and revenues through effective online lead generation techniques.

Here are the top 5 techniques, highly recommended by the experts at Pulse:

There is a variety of tools that businesses can pick but it is important to identify which tool will cater to your lead generation technique and suitable for your unique business needs and the environment.

Focus on Website Optimization for Online Lead Generation

Your website or the landing page is the hub for conducting an online business and is where most of the sales transactions will likely take place. A survey by LinkedIn B2B Technology Community says that more than 800 B2B marketers believe that website optimization is critical to achieving better lead acquisition.

If a website has not been updated or reviewed for the last couple of months, do not expect good lead generation results. Just like we keep ourselves updated with the industry knowledge to beat the competition, websites are also required to be kept updated. Some of the best practices on your website are:

Customer-centric websites are focused on providing seamless navigation.
Specialized content to help customers in decision making and taking relevant actions on your site.
Adheres to all inbound strategies like using an effective call to action that entices your audience to make a purchase, or Inter-linked architectural layout, to keep customers engaged and attracted.
Help your prospects in their budgeting process by making it easy for them to understand your pricing schemes with products clearly categorized according to price ranges.
Easy and quick access to lead generation forms should be present in both your main content and sidebars.
Pay Extra Attention to Search Engine Optimization for Online Lead Generation

Some of the best lead generation strategies have Search Engine Optimization as the primary source, used by digital marketers, says a report by the State of Digital Marketing. The survey included for over 500 online marketers in the US, with experts serving both B2B and B2C markets. The report highlights that SEO has 57.4% impact on lead generation in B2B, whereas; in B2C, SEO has for over 41% impact on lead generation.

Idealizing SEO for generating leads, particularly through organic web searches that consumers use on regular basis is a potential aspect.
Good ranking in search means higher visibility for websites, creating a lot of scope for leads in the process. There is one thing that SEOs must not ignore in the process is that Content is the backbone and must remain as a primary focus in SEO.

Content Marketing Institute marks that 93% of digital marketers will apply SEO and Content Marketing as a primary tool for 2017. Together, they help in developing a strong strategy, especially for future changes in search engine algorithms that may occur. So, it is obvious that the SEO practices in the past will not cut anymore. Therefore, it is critical to adhere to the latest tricks and techniques of SEO, however, great content will help all the way and beyond.

Put enough efforts on Pay-per-Click (PPC) Advertising for Lead Generation

Pay-Per-Click advertising is not just about performing well for brands but also focused on generating great results for all businesses that are executing well- though PPC Thus, helping them enjoy a great deal of highly targeted traffic that has better potential for lead conversion.

Therefore, we suggest that if your business is new in the digital world, then PPC would be your best launching point for quick results in the shortest possible time. But no matter what you do while planning your PPC campaign, if it’s not mobile compatible and it is of no good.

Having great results in terms of conversions and visibility, most experts are increasing their PPC budget to run their PPC campaigns more effectively.

According to a recent eMarketer report (Net US Search Ad Revenues, by Company, 2016-2019), Google owned 75.8 percent of the search market in 2016. That figure is expected to increase this year and reach 80 percent by 2018 as competitors struggle to find ways to compete with Google’s dominance and expertise in mobile search. In short, Google Adwords still stands at the forefront of PPC advertising as it generates much-needed leads for new businesses and digital marketers will continue to use this as a tool to support their efforts for their goal.

Use Social Media for Great Online Lead Generation

If you believe social media is irrelevant for generating leads, you are completely lost! Social Media and business promotion go hand in hand for generating potential leads and conversions. With the ever increasing count, there are over 1.8 billion social media users and all of them are present on two social media platforms at a time. So if your business is getting visible on any one, you are getting probable leads from other channels through friends of friends, shares and likes. An

2017 Global Digital Statistics, Stats and Facts indicates that more than 135 million users of the top social networks were added in just a years’ time and astoundingly, 1.184 billion active users are on Facebook alone.

Seeing the rise of social media users, it has become one of the most important mediums, not only to engage with your targeted audience but to identify and evolve consumers’ buying behavior and digital marketing culture. Industry experts from Forbes say that for over two-thirds of the top sales experts across the globe believe that social media has become integral for sales and lead generation.

A reputed market research firm, Chadwick Martin Bailey, reported that more than 51 percent of Facebook users and about 67 percent of Twitter fanatics will most like purchase recommendations from brands they are a fan or a follower of. Social

Media has contributed largely to lead generation and sales that revenues are expected to go up exponentially in the coming years according to experts.

Strategize Strong Email Marketing Campaigns for Online Lead Generation

If you believe that email marketing is old fashioned, think again! It is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience at their convenience. Undoubtedly, email is an old marketing tool but many still use it heavily on a daily basis. Moreover, it is one of the most used tools for communication and global exchange. Email marketing still delivers a good deal for your investments, averaging a $44 ROI for every dollar spent if proper email marketing techniques are used and executed.
Today, information is flooding out and people can easily access to almost anything that is present online. With such easy access, emails can influence consumers’ decision-making behavior and can motivate people towards online shopping, consultancy or marketing. One of the recent reports says that up to 83% of consumers are more likely to purchase online if the information they receive through email is authentic and engaging. So whether be it brands, products or services, email marketing can help get great returns on investments.

Today, lead generation and conversion are at the heart of business’ marketing and sales and applies to both, online and offline methods of generating prospects that are more likely to convert visitors to paying customers. There is no one way of putting online lead generation strategy, but making use of some of the above discussed time proven and result driven ways for lead generation will put your business at the forefront of making process and generating favorable results from your digital marketing activities.

Lead generation is still at the heart and soul of doing business and this fact applies both to online or traditional methods of generating prospects that eventually can be converted into paying customers. There are so many ways available for generating valuable leads online but making use of these time-proven and expert- recommended ways of generating leads online should put your business at the forefront of making headway and generating favorable results from your digital marketing efforts. However, it is still up to the business owner or digital marketer to choose, test, and validate which of these lead generating remedies will fit perfectly well with their business niche or nature. The key here starts using now, generate more leads that you can handle – and reach your Digital Marketing goals for 2017 and beyond.

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5+ Most Effective Online Lead Generation Ideas!