Conversational Marketing: A Trend to Focus

On Let’s face it, everyone enjoys a good conversation.

We are all humans after all, so it only makes sense that we treat each other as such – even when it comes to business-consumer relationships.

Conversational Marketing is not an entirely new tool, but it is certainly one that keeps developing and growing in importance. This is precisely why it has been popping up as a trend that must be kept in mind, as it will only get bigger with time. With social media usage at an all time high, we clearly live in a world that revolves around connection and communication.

In the Digital Marketing Industry, this has been taken into consideration when it comes to businesses wanting to promote or sell their product or service. Statistically speaking, 79% of consumers have shown interest in using messaging apps for customer service, 82% of consumers give ‘immediate responses’ very high ratings and 36% of companies now use live chats for marketing, sales, or customer service.

With that in mind, it only makes sense that businesses provide conversational communication for their consumers. The fact that consumers feel as though they are having real conversations, and are not just net with generic answers or the like, makes the whole consumer journey feel a lot more personalized. This in turn means higher consumer satisfaction and therefore, higher consumer engagement – which also means that the business can intern provide more personalized content as well.

With AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies on the rise, even the use of chat bots will further develop and feel a lot more personalized, rather than making it seem as though consumers are talking to a robot. At the end of the day, technology driven or not, communication in key in this industry – and the more conversational and personal it feels, the more human it feels.