Content Marketing Strategy Checklist for Small Business Owners in (2018)

Being a small business owner, you are constantly mindful of your budget and how to be most efficient in utilizing it. Social media can be the most cost-effective marketing activity, having the potential to reach large numbers of relevant audience at a relatively lower monetary investment.

Successful social media needs content that is consistent, relevant, interesting and useful to your target audience. Just because you post it, does not automatically mean that they will interact with it. This is why it is vital to have the proper content marketing strategy.

To start you off on creating the best content marketing strategy, we have put together this straightforward, and handy checklist.

What is to Come:

  • To Start Off
  • To Begin Work
  • Look, Listen and Learn

To Start Off :

Set Content Marketing Objectives

How do you want your audience to interact with your content after viewing it? What do you want them to do? Without clearly knowing how you want them to act, you cannot create the appropriate content.

Mind Content Quality

You cannot have significant engagement from the right audience without superior content. Be mindful of factors such as high quality images, clear and simple messages, as well as unique content that they can only get from you.

Identify the Right User Experience

How do you want your audience to feel when, and after, interacting with your content? Identifying the proper emotions will help you create the right experience.

To Begin Work :

Design A Content Marketing Plan

After identifying the objectives of your content marketing strategy, you can establish the plan that will help you execute your vision, using the following simple steps

Decide Content Types

There is an ever-growing list of types of content through which you can communicate with your audience, such as, Infographics, podcasts, blog posts, images, and videos. Deciding on the proper types most suitable for your content marketing strategy depends on a number of factors, like, audience preference and the nature of the communication medium (social media, website, etc.). Budgets can also be factors in your decision.

Always keep in mind that no matter the type of content you choose, you need to be consistent, and the content needs to be useful and interesting to your audience.

Consider Search Engine Optimization

To help search engines find your content, make sure that it is keyword-infused, but not at the expense of its quality. Do not let the primary objective of your content to be that it includes your important keywords, but rather that it is truly useful for your intended audience. This should be the driving force of your content marketing strategy. Once you have established a clear search engine optimization strategy, you can make sure that it sufficiently includes your keywords.

Choose Appropriate Social Media Channels

Your content marketing strategy should include the right mix of social media channels to assure the best possible distribution for your content. Maximizing engagement does not mean being available on all social media platforms. Make sure that you are available where it is most suitable for the nature of your business, your content and your audience.

Look, Listen and Learn :

Measure Content Efficiency

To assure the competence of your content marketing strategy it is vital to continually evaluate the effectiveness of your content. You need to collect data regarding engagement metrics such as shares, likes and clicks, to determine activity surrounding your content, and whether they are in line with your objectives.

Be Open to New Opportunities

Given the flexible nature of social media and digital marketing, new content marketing ideas are frequently available that can greatly benefit your content marketing strategy. Listen to what your audience say, and watch for the most popular trends for both your industry and your target audience.

Final Thoughts

Creating a best practices checklist for your content marketing, in relation to your business, helps assure that you are establishing the most solid content marketing strategy achievable. This way, you can be sure that you have done everything possible to create the most effective content before sharing it with your audience.