Sharjah Cooperative Society

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Client Sharjah Cooperative Society
Production Date September 2017

The client

Established in 1977, Sharjah Co-operative Society is one of the most respected and well-established grocery retailers in the UAE, and operates around 30 stores in the Emirate of Sharjah. In order to continue with its strong growth, the company embarked on an ambitious business transformation program of which digital is a key component.


SCS launched a new concept of shopping in the UAE called Shop & Go, where customers would go to an SCS branch, shop, pay, leave, and have their purchased items delivered to their doorsteps. At the core of this business transformation was the desire to develop an Omnichannel approach and help customers enjoy the same experience at different touchpoints.


We created the campaign’s visual concept to appeal to SCS’ traditional loyal customer; focusing on females and housewives. This was done using a “Sharjah feel” creative concept, characterized by simplicity, strong imagery and clear messaging.


  • Digital Advertising Strategy
  • Creative Designs
  • Copywriting
  • Traditional Marketing Consultancy