There are a lot of buzzwords around Digital Strategy that can leave a person confused about its dynamics and how impactful it is. To someone who doesn’t do digital for a living, terms like digital transformation, UI / UX design and content marketing need to be decrypted.

Well, allow us to put it to you simply; the best way to understand Digital Strategy and why you need it is to take a look at your fate if you don’t have one. Without Digital Strategy:

You have no direction.

Businesses without a direction get lost, and in the process, lose their existing and potential customers, who are in turn drawn away towards competitors.

Digital Strategy is the compass with which you navigate your strategic way around the vast ocean of potential revenue by targeting paying customers. With good content marketing, you get to strengthen your relationship with existing ones so as not to lose them to alternative options.

You will never know your potential market share.

It is a big mistake to underestimate the global need for online services. It is exactly like having a chest of gold somewhere, but you don’t know where it is, or that it even exists in the first place.

Digital Strategy provides you with that priceless knowledge. It tells you the value of your chest of gold, where it is, and how to get it quickly and cost effectively. This is done with a thorough study of customer behavior, competitors, market analysis, and exploration of every single potential digital channel using hard facts.

Competitors eat up your market share.

Ignoring the use of Digital Strategy means someone else will claim your gold if you don’t. In the world of digital transformation, market dynamics are fast, highly competitive and constantly evolving.

Having a Digital Strategy keeps you on top of things and helps you get and keep your rightful market share.

You don’t have that edge that sells.

Your edge – otherwise known as a distinct online customer value proposition – is what makes you stand out to customers looking for your services amidst a sea of similar services. What keeps existing customers loyal, and brings in new ones to stay, is an edge to your online presence, and something like good UI and UX design on your website are key to making that happen.

You don’t know your own customers.

You’re probably thinking ‘Ah, but I do know my customers! Google Analytics tells me all about them’. That’s great; it does tell you numbers, but what about feelings? Everything in this world revolves around feelings. Your customer is not a number; your customer is a complex bundle of thoughts and feelings that drive their expenditures and their choices in selecting services. Digital Strategy gives you the power to understand your customers and attract their attention accordingly.

You’re disintegrated.

Isolating digital marketing from the coherent whole, which encompasses traditional media channels, only results in fragmented revenue. A Digital Strategy performed by an integrated marketing agency works with you as a whole, rather than a fragment, as is often the case when businesses seek the sole help of their IT department or specialist digital agencies, who lack the knowhow of the larger world of creative marketing and social media.

Your budget and people power are misplaced.

Not assigning a budget and a highly specialized workforce to your significant Digital Strategy means you fall short on planning and e-marketing. You end up with a clumsy plan, flimsy marketing and maybe even futile investments in paid ads, thereby losing a major part of your market share, and possibly even getting eaten up by a never-ending series of competitive threats.

You are losing your money and valuable time by duplicating tasks.

We noticed this especially happens in larger companies where departments spend time and money on different tools and agencies, only to end up performing wastefully similar online marketing tactics. A Digital Strategy puts the entire company on the same page, spending the designated time and money only once and running a tight ship.

You end up getting trampled by faster, more alert competition.

Have you ever thought why Amazon, Google, Zappos and Dell are still going strong in spite of the rise of new younger competition? It is because they evolve based on consumer needs and desires. They maintain their ‘hotness’ and desirability by engaging a highly dynamic Digital Strategy. And don’t think a company as big a Dell or Amazon doesn’t need good SEO; on the contrary. It’s their good Search Engine Optimization that helps them stay on top.

You’re not fulfilling your potential.

There is hardly anything more heartbreaking on the professional level than not fulfilling one’s true potential. Digital Strategies take you to the best version possible of your business in terms of online presence, revenue generation and potential growth, way beyond the capacity of the much simpler and less intelligent analytic systems incorporated within a website.

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