3 Tips on how to manage a brainstorming session

Brainstorming in Session: Key Points for a Fruitful Outcome

Surely, this is an image most of us are familiar with – a quiet room, a group pf coworkers sitting with hopeless looks on their faces; someone half asleep, someone thinking about lunch, and someone else almost out of breath after the the frenzy that just ended five minutes ago.
Brainstorming sessions are necessary for any work environment, but sometimes they can get a little out of hand and it’s easy to get off track.
Here are a few things to consider prior to your next brainstorming session that will help you stay on course.

Where you Are is Important

The location of your brainstorming meeting plays a bigger role in helping generate ideas and creativity than most people realize. Try to pick a spot that is comfortable and somewhat inspiring. If you and your team have been in the same spot for hours on end, try changing the location every now and then.

Make Sure you Have a Clear Brief

Make sure the brief you are working on is as detailed and specific as possible. Knowing exactly what your goal is and what the client wants will definitely help in guiding you towards where you want to go much faster, in addition to saving time that could have been wasted thinking of ideas that – to your surprise – would turn out to be completely off brief.

Go Big, then Bring it Back Home

Sometimes, when you feel as though you’re playing it too safe and your ideas are going nowhere, try saying your seemingly crazy ideas aloud and discussing them with the group. It helps to get these ‘bigger, crazier’ ideas out of the way, in order to clear space for ideas that can actually happen – and you’d be surprised by how much this helps and how much can stem from it.