If you want to start an e-commerce website, you are probably overwhelmed by what seems to be a rather heavy task. It would be quite the laborious endeavor if your website is not appropriately built on a suitable e-commerce platform.

An e-commerce platform is the very foundation of any website selling anything online. Without that foundation, the big bad wolf will come and blow your metaphorical house of straw or sticks away.

Magento is one such e-commerce platform, and the solid foundation of your e-commerce business. It has one of the most extensive and variable features you can possibly come across in the world of e-commerce software. Some of its marketing tools include coupon codes, customer groups, product bundles and newsletter management, and that’s just a collection from the top of the list of the basics. The features it actually offers really do extend endlessly.

Magento also happens to have an inventory management tool, keeping you constantly on top of items coming and going out of your online store, as well as keeping you in control of what goes out and comes in.

It offers user-friendly sales facilitating features that are of benefit to you, as well as to your customers. Examples include features such as one-click payments, guest checkouts and shipping to other addresses.

In addition, it is PayPal integrated, aiding you in running your business and incoming revenue like a well-oiled machine. Moreover, the entire shopping cart is built to work with as well as display tax and shipping calculations.

As a leading digital agency in dubai , we understand that your e-commerce website is your storefront and direct sales persons. Consequently, it must be incredibly appealing, friendly and easy to use. As a comprehensive digital agency based in Dubai, we have professional web development and creative design teams working together to custom design stunning and inviting product pages.

Once your website is set up, the page will keep selling for you over and over again, thus getting you the ultimate return on investment with minimal effort on your part. Great websites that are well designed and built on e-commerce platforms do not stop selling. Even during the dark hours of the night, the revenue keeps coming in.