This is the magic wand that you swing at your website, and voila, you have a website. Swing the wand again and you manage that website.

Technically speaking, PHP (standing for Hypertext Preprocessor) is a free open source development language. As you know, websites have their own back-end languages, decipherable only by IT specialists, leaving you lost in translation. PHP empowers you to build and manage your own website without all the tech support mess.

You might be thinking to yourself ‘Well, I can do this with a content management system (CMS)’, and if you have a small to medium size business, this can be true. What you don’t know is that PHP goes deeper beyond the surface of basic tasks and programming. Apart from having its own extensive library and multi-talented developers, PHP gives you access to your customers and their usage of your website, including their contact forms. It also presents you with information related to quotes, accounts, financial matters and visual data analytics.

To be more illustrative, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo and Wikipedia all use PHP to interpret user activity by the masses, by the second and, like a chameleon, immediately changes configuration to suit each user, thus addressing their individual marketing needs and increasing profit at no effort or cost.

PHP is of indisputable value to medium and large organizations, but it is also of incredible benefit to smaller businesses that want to see quick growth.

At Pulse, we ensure that you hit the bull’s eye when it comes to your marketing goals and profit targets as an experienced digital agency in Dubai. We do this by listening to you carefully in order to understand your needs and deliver your tailor-made solutions on time and within budget that can ultimately be completely managed afterwards by your marketing or communications teams.

In addition to that, we focus on and plan your growth requirements, consequently building them right into the initial infrastructure diagrams so your custom PHP application can be scaled smoothly as your business expands or transitions to the next level.