Microsoft developed ASP.NET is an open source server-side web application framework. It is specifically designed as a web development tool to give web pages, apps and services that rather essential and indispensable factor called ‘being dynamic’.

The Microsoft.NET framework overflows with various libraries and user interfaces that are designed to provide optimum results. You choose one technology over the other based on your goals. It also allows you to adjust your chosen technology to meet your growing and changing needs as a business, sparing you the need to develop new applications, or even so much as make changes to your current one.

To put it simply, it does everything for you

ASP.NET-based websites are a peach to maintain. Their flexible modification and configuration settings get changes done without the need for code re-writing. As a result, it eliminates extra effort and cost.

The Microsoft.NET platform has one of the tightest security systems out there, doubtlessly adding to its value as a development platform.

Does all this information and variety of options overwhelm you?

That’s why we’re here as a Digital agency in dubai , we use our expertise as ASP.NET web development specialists to listen to you, understand your business needs and guide you in the right direction, explaining all the choices to you thoroughly, then helping you make a technology selection decision to best suit your targets.

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