Consumers are brutal in this intensely competitive market. Trust us; as an experienced web development service provider in Dubai, we know it is. Studies show that 40% of users will only grant a page 3 seconds to load before they press the back button to find a page that loads faster.

3 seconds! Long gone are the days of patience. Loyalty is conditional.

User Interface and User Experience must appeal to the consumer’s emotions and intellect, or they will walk, regardless of how great your product or service is. Having a good UX design team is crucial to your sales.

Statistics show that businesses with effective UX got a 37% increase in their revenues. Here are some more enlightening user numbers for thought:

90% stop using an app with poor performance.

86% delete the app altogether due to dissatisfaction with function and design.

48% associate a bad app or website with the business/services offered being poor and inadequate.

52% will not proceed with the business if their mobile experience is not satisfactory.

86% will pay extra for the same service/product if the UX is exceptional.

These numbers can be further understood if you take a look at globally popular companies such as Apple, Google and Amazon. They continue to thrive based on their flawless User Experience. It is not sheer luck; it is a deliberately construed strategy, and when it comes to strategic web development, Dubai as a market can leave much to be desired.

You see, well-designed UX is of paramount importance to your business. In this increasingly fast paced lonely world, the emotionally evolved human consumer is not just seeking a product, they are seeking experiences. They are seeking to bond with things digitally, as well as in real life.

Here at Pulse Digital, this is what we do. We perform as a creative design agency and strategic web development agency in Dubai to develop innovative designs that are centered on user experience, allowing for that relationship and bond between your business and your consumers to grow.

Why do you think a consumer would rave to everyone they know “You have to try” so and so? Because they bonded with it.