You already know how powerful visuals are. Isn’t that why you have a logo? In order to easily embed your brand in your consumers’ minds?

The human brain’s capacity to store visual memory and use it in decision making is precisely what you need to be playing to. Not only are you playing to that, but you are also communicating effectively to short attention spans.

“Show, don’t tell” is the unbreakable rule of film-making, photography, and even novel writing. A novel’s success is determined by how visually the writer is using words.

The same rule applies to communicating with your consumer. Visuals keep them on your pages, boost engagement, get them to share your posts with others, and remember you in particular when they need what your business offers, rather than go to someone else. They will remember you.

Why will they remember you?

Because your strong visual messages are embedded in their memories until needed.

Statistics show that Facebook pages that post status updates with visuals, ranging from videos to photo albums, get a whopping 180% more engagement!

Quality videos and photos do the following:

1. They are effective tools in explaining your brand, telling your story and giving information.
2. They are intensely engaging.
3. They have the ability to go viral, significantly boosting your traffic, engagement and sales in the process.

In order to boost your business and compete effectively, you need to spread your wings across all social media platforms with relevant stunning visuals, and engage with your consumers heavily.

However, don’t just randomly get Google images or irrelevant Shutterstock photos to clumsily set up your pages. The time and effort you put in personalizing your visuals is what will get you ahead.

You need to get personal with your consumer, offering visuals that are relevant to both you and them. This is how you form the bond that gets your profits to go up.

Visuals are so powerful that you actually have to take caution in using them. You don’t want to set yourself back by triggering negative emotional responses in your consumers. Yes, we live in a highly visual age, but it is also a very sensitive one with people being more aware than ever on topics of sexism, racism, social bullying and alienation. You want to achieve the opposite of that with your visuals. Offer your users a safe and warm embracing sense of being at home when they are on your social media platforms.

Get in touch with the digital media experts here at Pulse Digital and we’ll sort this all out for you. Not sure what you want to do yet?