Yes, we know. Sounds boring, doesn’t it? Not as flashy as other marketing mediums, is it?

However, the truth is, Email Marketing cannot be ignored. It would be a shameful waste of possible profits that will cost very little to be generated.

Statistics show that a whopping 85% of US retailers consider email marketing to be one of the most effective tactics when it comes to customer acquisition.

We all know, more customers mean more profits. It’s simple logic.

To push our point through, here is why email marketing is so important for your business:

1.  It is highly adaptable in that it can target countless numbers of different social groups by adapting its content. In a world where change happens overnight, adaptability is a priceless skill.

2. It is cheap and profitable. It can literally be incorporated into your marketing plan at no cost. This means you get profit without spending on gearing it in.

3. It goes beyond the reach of social media, which carries you only for the first part of the marketing journey. The second half is hitting the nail on the head with the more personal and intimate tool that is email. Social media marketing preps your consumer for you. Your e-mail converts them into customers.

4. It inspires immediate action. If your email is well constructed and plays by the rules of segmentation (see our Data Analytics and Segmentation page), readers will automatically click on the enclosed link, reply, seek info, or check out your website. They are going to do one thing or the other, thus increasing traffic and driving sales in the process.

5. You can directly observe the results. Email marketing is measurable, any specialized software will tell you who opened the email, who clicked on which link, and who unsubscribed altogether. This is all very valuable information that you can use for your own improvement and for higher revenue generation.

6. Constant and instantaneous reach. Users are on their phones all the time. People even check their email and notifications on their phone in the middle of the night, when they get up for a sip of water or for a trip to the bathroom, or even if they are just tossing and turning in bed. This kind of reach is beyond any other marketing tactic to date.

Here at Pulse Digital, as a digital marketing agency in Dubai, we have a team of strategists whose expertise in creating highly engaging, relevant email communication will help you drive more revenue swiftly and cost effectively.

Our experienced team will use the latest email marketing technologies available worldwide like Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp that personalize every message using rich customer data, and generates fantastic visual reports for send, open and click rates on your email marketing communications

Get in touch with Pulse to discuss your email marketing strategy and launching campaigns that get results.