So, you have a digital presence. What now? Why should a consumer come to you instead of going to your competitor?

The answer lies in who has the more creative design.

Users are flooded with visuals by the minute, and they are getting smarter with daily digital use. It is only natural that they are becoming more discerning with what to give a chance to and what is not worth their time of day.

Your design needs to really stand out in their feeds, but it doesn’t stop there. It has got to have the power to keep the consumer’s eye on it rather than decide to scroll on to something else; most probably your competitor. For that reason, creative design needs to have that necessary depth and complexity to engage the consumer. It needs to be genuinely relevant to both, the consumer as well as the brand.

Your content is not limited to words.

Contemporary consumers need incredible visual stimulation to keep their attention span all the way to the end of the content, and even continue to click on links that take them to more content. You might have the most powerful content, but it is tarnished by an unappealing design that keeps consumers from coming to you.

Consumers may be discerning, but they are not the committee for the Nobel prize in literature. Nothing will bring them to your content other than the motivation you set in them with powerful, creative and compelling design. Once they reach your content, the content itself must be displayed as part of the overall design with lots of aesthetically motivating visuals interspersed among it, to get the consumer with the shortest attention span to stay on your page.

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